Our Creators | Ryan "Henry" Ward

Ryan Henry Ward who signs his work "henry", is Seattle's most prolific muralist. He has painted over 170 murals in Seattle. He also has murals in L.A., San Diego, Minneapolis, and the Dominican Republic. His canvas work is in Groovy Stuff gallery down town, and many more places throughout the city. He has done performance painting for the Seattle Art Museum, and has painted live with many bands and DJs. He has curated some of Seattle's best attended art shows, and presently owns and operates The Quadrapus Artist Exchange where he displays out of town artists and introduces them to the Seattle art scene.

For Sasquatch 2014, he created a 16 x 30 foot mural, as well as 50 "Henrysquatches" that were posted all around the festival grounds. He truly made his mark, and we're so happy he did!