DIY: Coloring fun with Sasquatch Tees!


The fest may be over but it's still living on through our merch and memories. Today, we wanted to have a little fun with one of our pieces from this year, the Color-Me-In Keyboard Queen T (try saying that five times fast!). We created the shirt to give people a chance to get creative and to have fun adding to the already comfy tee. All you need are fabric pens or even sharpies, and you're ready to start coloring! You can also do this project with our Unicorn football T! 

Put the shirt on a flat surface, insuring it's not against the fabric of the back of the shirt. This will prevent you from getting random colored spots on the back of your shirt, In case the pens bleed. 

 Then color in as you please! It's that simple! 

We paired it with the KK x Sasquatch Beanie, one of our Alchemy Goods Totes, a pair of shorts and some boots to create a comfy casual summer look! 


Have you done anything to make your sasquatch merch your own? Tell us! Either email us at or contact us via instagram @sasquatchstyle/#squatchstyle