DIY: No Sew Turban Headband

Hello again!  Here's another DIY project to get you ready for the festival. This no-sew turban headband is not only stylish, and functional, but it's also PERFECT for when you're getting to Day 3 and you still haven't washed your hair. This is an easy way to upcycle and old t-shirt into something you can use regularly, and best of all, it takes barely any time to make! Supplies: Scissors, T-Shirt  (a tight fitting shirt isn't what you want for this), exact-o knife (if you have it)


Supplies: Scissors, T-Shirt  (a tight fitting shirt isn't what you want for this, loose works great), exact-o knife (if you have it)

Time: 5 minutes 


Step 1: Lay your t-shirt down flat on the ground. If you can iron your shirt, that's a plus, but not necessary. 



Step 2: About 6 inches from the bottom seam, make a mark and each side of the shirt. and cut across. If you have an exacto knife, you can use to do the initial create to make it easier to cut with the scissors. 



Step 3: Take the piece of fabric you've just cut and lay it on the ground so that it makes an oval shape as show. 




Step 4: cross the fabric over and twist it twice 


Step 5: Fold the fabric in half, so that the twisted portion is the center of the headband, like below. 

Step 6: Place over your head, wear as you like and voila! You've just created a no-sew turban headband in just a couple of minutes!