DIY: Revamp your Sunglasses!

The festival is only 18 days away, and we want to help you get ready by providing you with simple ways to make the most of what you have. Today we'll start with a couple ways to update your sunglasses. 


1. Patterned Glasses 

Supplies: Sunglasses, Washi Tape (any pattern/color you desire), Scissors, exact-o knife (if you have one) 

Time: 5 minutes 

You can use any kind of sunglasses with wide enough temples (the part of the sunglasses that allow them to sit on your ears) to have tape stick on. I've chosen to use these sunglasses, a pair I got for free as a promotion from some random company. 

1. Take Washi tape and measure it against the temple, ensuring that the straight edge is alligned with the part of the temple close to the lens. This is simply to make it neater when you fold the tape over. 


2. Fold the tape over, ensuring there are no creases or wrinkles in the tape.  

3. If your washi tape is not wide enough to cover the other side, then repeat step 1 on the inside of the temple, but use the scissors(or the exact-o knife) to trim the tape without folding it over. This will make the sunglasses looker neater than if you were to fold the tape over the outside of the temple.


4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 on the other temple. And your done! You've just revamped you sunglasses in just a couple minutes! 


 2. Tribal Print Sunglasses 

Supplies: Sunglasses, White Nail polish, toothpicks, nail polish remover (if desired)

Time:10-15 minutes 

1. Take a plain pair of sunglasses and ensure they are free of wording. If you use promotional sunglasses, you can use nail polish remover to take off any logos that might of been printed on the them. 

2, Use a toothpick to create patterns by lightly dipping in nail polish. Note: it works much better to pour out a bit as opposed to dipping it directly into the bottle. 

3. Repeat and create patterns as you wish, and remember, if you make a mistake, you can always use the nail polish remover to wipe your slate clean and try again. 

4. Once you've created the pattern you desire, let the sunglasses dry for a few hours. The paint takes longer to dry than when used on your nails, so keep that in mind when making them. Otherwise your design could be smeared! 

5. And you're done! You've created a fun and unique pair of sunglasses!