June 06, 2014

DIY: Coloring fun with Sasquatch Tees!


The fest may be over but it's still living on through our merch and memories. Today, we wanted to have a little fun with one of our pieces from this year, the Color-Me-In Keyboard Queen T (try saying that five times fast!). We created the shirt to give people a chance to get creative and to have fun adding to the already comfy tee. All you need are fabric pens or even sharpies, and you're ready to start coloring! You can also do this project with our Unicorn football T! 

Put the shirt on a flat surface, insuring it's not against the fabric of the back of the shirt. This will prevent you from getting random colored spots on the back of your shirt, In case the pens bleed. 

 Then color in as you please! It's that simple! 

We paired it with the KK x Sasquatch Beanie, one of our Alchemy Goods Totes, a pair of shorts and some boots to create a comfy casual summer look! 


Have you done anything to make your sasquatch merch your own? Tell us! Either email us at merch@sasquatchfestival.com or contact us via instagram @sasquatchstyle/#squatchstyle

May 13, 2014

DIY: Flower Headband

Everyone likes to feel like a hippie every now and then, and music festivals are the perfect place to let go. What's special about Sasquatch is how free and happy it makes everyone feel. It's when Summer feels like it's finally begun, the Gorge is perfection, the people are awesome, and if that wasn't enough, there's amazing music too. In honor of the happy spirit of the fest, we made a flower headband!



  • Fake Flowers - any colors,any size, you might have some lying in your closet somewhere
  • A study ribbon or the like. This headband was made with jute twine
  • Glue gun or Super Glue or any glue that stays strong on a small surface area - Glue Gun is what we recommend though

Time: 10 minutes or less 


Step 1: Plug in the Glue Gun - get it melting! 

Step 2: Cut fake flowers off fake step, and try to make the base of the flower as flat as possible 

Step 3: Put glue on the base of the flower 


Step 4: Quickly after putting glue on the flower, place it on whatever you're using as the band 

Step 5: Repeat steps 2-4 as many times as you would like. Alternate flower sizes, different colors, whatever you desire! I kept mine simple to match my taste. 

Step 6: Let it dry 



And that's it! Hello flower child, you're ready for a Sasquatch Drum Circle! 


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9 DAYS to GO!!!

May 09, 2014

DIY: No Sew Turban Headband

Hello again!  Here's another DIY project to get you ready for the festival. This no-sew turban headband is not only stylish, and functional, but it's also PERFECT for when you're getting to Day 3 and you still haven't washed your hair. This is an easy way to upcycle and old t-shirt into something you can use regularly, and best of all, it takes barely any time to make! Supplies: Scissors, T-Shirt  (a tight fitting shirt isn't what you want for this), exact-o knife (if you have it)


Supplies: Scissors, T-Shirt  (a tight fitting shirt isn't what you want for this, loose works great), exact-o knife (if you have it)

Time: 5 minutes 


Step 1: Lay your t-shirt down flat on the ground. If you can iron your shirt, that's a plus, but not necessary. 



Step 2: About 6 inches from the bottom seam, make a mark and each side of the shirt. and cut across. If you have an exacto knife, you can use to do the initial create to make it easier to cut with the scissors. 



Step 3: Take the piece of fabric you've just cut and lay it on the ground so that it makes an oval shape as show. 




Step 4: cross the fabric over and twist it twice 


Step 5: Fold the fabric in half, so that the twisted portion is the center of the headband, like below. 

Step 6: Place over your head, wear as you like and voila! You've just created a no-sew turban headband in just a couple of minutes! 


May 05, 2014

DIY: Revamp your Sunglasses!

The festival is only 18 days away, and we want to help you get ready by providing you with simple ways to make the most of what you have. Today we'll start with a couple ways to update your sunglasses. 


1. Patterned Glasses 

Supplies: Sunglasses, Washi Tape (any pattern/color you desire), Scissors, exact-o knife (if you have one) 

Time: 5 minutes 

You can use any kind of sunglasses with wide enough temples (the part of the sunglasses that allow them to sit on your ears) to have tape stick on. I've chosen to use these sunglasses, a pair I got for free as a promotion from some random company. 

1. Take Washi tape and measure it against the temple, ensuring that the straight edge is alligned with the part of the temple close to the lens. This is simply to make it neater when you fold the tape over. 


2. Fold the tape over, ensuring there are no creases or wrinkles in the tape.  

3. If your washi tape is not wide enough to cover the other side, then repeat step 1 on the inside of the temple, but use the scissors(or the exact-o knife) to trim the tape without folding it over. This will make the sunglasses looker neater than if you were to fold the tape over the outside of the temple.


4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 on the other temple. And your done! You've just revamped you sunglasses in just a couple minutes! 


 2. Tribal Print Sunglasses 

Supplies: Sunglasses, White Nail polish, toothpicks, nail polish remover (if desired)

Time:10-15 minutes 

1. Take a plain pair of sunglasses and ensure they are free of wording. If you use promotional sunglasses, you can use nail polish remover to take off any logos that might of been printed on the them. 

2, Use a toothpick to create patterns by lightly dipping in nail polish. Note: it works much better to pour out a bit as opposed to dipping it directly into the bottle. 

3. Repeat and create patterns as you wish, and remember, if you make a mistake, you can always use the nail polish remover to wipe your slate clean and try again. 

4. Once you've created the pattern you desire, let the sunglasses dry for a few hours. The paint takes longer to dry than when used on your nails, so keep that in mind when making them. Otherwise your design could be smeared! 

5. And you're done! You've created a fun and unique pair of sunglasses!