FAQ With Adam Zacks - Founder of Sasquatch!


A Festival of epic proportions: photo by Holly Andres of the NYT, see full blog here

Sasquatch is a staple of the Pacific Northwest music scene, and to reach that stature, it takes months and months to plan. Festival founder, Adam Zacks, answers a couple questions with regards to our merchandise. 

1) When does the designing begin for the next year?  

Planning starts in the fall

2) Why are there different Sasquatches each year?  

The idea is that since Sasquatch's true identity remains a mystery we take the opportunity each year to re-imagine it.  It also serves to keep the festival fresh, differentiate it from other events, and hopefully be a bit unpredictable.

3) What's your fave merch item right now and why?

 I really like the Narwhal shirt because its a fun illustration and I think him saying "I am real!" works on multiple levels.  He's the only creature in the mix that's verifiably real (Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, El Chupacabra remain unverified!).  It also serves as a statement for the person wearing the shirt, proclaiming their realness.