2014 SASQUATCH FEST MERCH! Get it before it's gone!

Hey Friends! 

We hope you all had an incredible weekend at the gorge, we know we did! With all the excitement of the weekend, we know many of you likely forgot to get those merch items you love so dearly. Have no fear! We still have some of our merch still available, so if you're suffering for Sasquatch withdrawals like we are, check out what we've got. Below are some of our fave items from this year!


Alchemy Goods Tote Bag!   Made locally using upcycled Sasquatch scrims! 

2014 SASQUATCH FEST T- BLACK! Also Comes in White/Green and White/Pink!!! 

2014 SASQUATCH UNICORN T! - Suuuuuuuuuper comfy and perfect for any season! 


The Official 2014 Sasquatch Festival Poster!! 


AND SO MUCH MORE! Click HERE to see all the merch, or go to the "YEAR" tab and click "2014!" to see the merch that you can still nab! 


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