August 12, 2014

Inroducting....Sasquatch Music Festival's Authorized Retailers!

Love our posters and toys, but want to scope it out in person first? We feel ya! We've now got some pals in Seattle and Portland that are carrying our posters/toys. 



- U Frame it West Seattle  - POSTERS

- U Frame it Ballard - POSTERS 

- Innervisions  - POSTERS

- Shmancy  - TOYS

- Portage Bay Goods  - TOYS + PLAYING CARDS


- Screaming Sky Gallery - TOYS

- Tender Loving Empire  - TOYS

- Art Heads Framing - POSTERS

August 02, 2014


From the year we brought you Jack White, Bon Iver, Girl Talk, and so many more, we decided to offer some of our favorite items from 2012 for August's deal of the month. All designs by famed Seattle designer, Don Clark!













July 06, 2014


SUMMER is finally here! And to celebrate the beginning of sunny days and warm nights, the SASQUATCH BLANKET and all TANKS are on sale for the Month of July as part of our new Deal of the Month Sales! AND as a bonus, when you purchase a tank and blanket, we'll even thrown in a FREE pair of Sasquatch Sunglasses! 

These items will only be on sale for the month of July, so nab them now! 

June 27, 2014

FAQ With Adam Zacks - Founder of Sasquatch!


A Festival of epic proportions: photo by Holly Andres of the NYT, see full blog here

Sasquatch is a staple of the Pacific Northwest music scene, and to reach that stature, it takes months and months to plan. Festival founder, Adam Zacks, answers a couple questions with regards to our merchandise. 

1) When does the designing begin for the next year?  

Planning starts in the fall

2) Why are there different Sasquatches each year?  

The idea is that since Sasquatch's true identity remains a mystery we take the opportunity each year to re-imagine it.  It also serves to keep the festival fresh, differentiate it from other events, and hopefully be a bit unpredictable.

3) What's your fave merch item right now and why?

 I really like the Narwhal shirt because its a fun illustration and I think him saying "I am real!" works on multiple levels.  He's the only creature in the mix that's verifiably real (Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, El Chupacabra remain unverified!).  It also serves as a statement for the person wearing the shirt, proclaiming their realness.


June 20, 2014

NOW: 15% of Sales being donated to VERA PROJECT!!

The Vera project is a longtime community partner of the festival, and we wanted to do something special for them. In conjunction with A drink for the kids, we're giving 15% of merch sales back to VERA from now through tomorrow at noon.! This includes any and all merch, whether it's 2014 fest poster or 2007 tee shirt! And join us tonight when we co-host at Redwood Tavern in Seattle. 

And to learn more about Vera and their amazing programs, visit


June 02, 2014

LIMITED TIME: FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on orders of $50 and more!!

It's been a week since the festival ended! WOW! If you're having withdrawals like we are, we've
got something to help you through it: FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all orders of $50 or more!

Check out the 2014 Sasquatch! SHIRTS!, Posters (one created by the oldest running press in the
country, HATCH SHOW PRINT), Playing Cards (get your game on!!), Hats (to keep you stylish AND
warm!), Flashlights, Blankets and oh-so-much MORE!! Check out some of the special fest bundles, too!

Our 2014 collection, as well as great vintage products, are all available now! 

AND stay up to date on festival style, DIY, and merch sales by following us on instagram @sasquatchstyle

Thank you so much for your support! KEEP THE MEMORIES ALIVE!

- Squatch Merch Elves

May 28, 2014

2014 SASQUATCH FEST MERCH! Get it before it's gone!

Hey Friends! 

We hope you all had an incredible weekend at the gorge, we know we did! With all the excitement of the weekend, we know many of you likely forgot to get those merch items you love so dearly. Have no fear! We still have some of our merch still available, so if you're suffering for Sasquatch withdrawals like we are, check out what we've got. Below are some of our fave items from this year!


Alchemy Goods Tote Bag!   Made locally using upcycled Sasquatch scrims! 

2014 SASQUATCH FEST T- BLACK! Also Comes in White/Green and White/Pink!!! 

2014 SASQUATCH UNICORN T! - Suuuuuuuuuper comfy and perfect for any season! 


The Official 2014 Sasquatch Festival Poster!! 


AND SO MUCH MORE! Click HERE to see all the merch, or go to the "YEAR" tab and click "2014!" to see the merch that you can still nab! 


Also, be sure to follow us on instagram @sasquatchstyle! 

May 19, 2014

Do the fest Squatchstyle with 7 easy tips!

The Gorge campground will be your home Memorial Day Weekend, and we want to help make it the best experience it can be. With a little help from Yohan the Yeti and his friend Eduardo, here are some simple tips for how to do the festival Squatchstyle! 


1. Packing + Dressing Smart  

The Gorge looks like it's going to have some stellar weather this year, but you can never be too sure, it is Washington after all! So be sure to bring clothes for any weather condition. Also, keep in mind that it can get really cold at night, so it's always a good call to take a light jacket with you into the fest since it will likely be much colder when you leave! 


2. Establish your territory

Make your campsite your own and create a visual marker, whether it's with your own flag, marking it with reflective tape so you can see it at night or some other creation, it just makes it easier to navigate to your festival home.



3. Stay healthy

WATER IS SO IMPORTANT! So make sure that you're hydrating yourself throughout the day, your body will thank you! You can bring in an empty waterbottle to the festival grounds, which we highly suggest you so that you're not buying a waterbottle every time you're thirsty, it saves plastic and $crilla. There are several water stations available at the festival, so you'll be able to hydrate at no cost!

It will also be easier to eat healthier with brand new food options available in the festival grounds, including portobello mushroom burgers and organic coffee,  but we still suggest bringing food and snacks into the fest to munch on throughout the day! 


4. Make it easy to find your friends

We've all been there, you're watching a show, dancing, you turn around and realize ALL of your friends are gone. To make matters worse, you have no cell reception.

An easy way to avoid this is to use the buddy system and establish a "Concert Pal". That way, you're always with someone. We also suggest creating a meeting spot, so that if your friends lose you or vis-a -versa, you have a designated spot to find each other again. 

Another way to find your friends that we're a fan of is by making signal flags. You can use anything and it's super useful when you're trying to sift through a crowd and/or can't find your friends. Yohan and Eduardo use the "Live Free" Pennants to find each other when they're lost!



It seems like a no-brainer, but pick up after yourselves! The effort to do so will go a longggggg way in improving your experience. Try to conserve and reduce your waste any way you can! 



6. Download the App + Get to know the festival and campgrounds! 

The Sasquatch App will be your ultimate guide to the festival and includes all the information you'll need to make the most of it! This year's app includes incredible features from the ability to create your own schedule and set reminders so that you never miss an act, to interactive maps with a drop pin feature, so you always know where you are!  

We created a map exclusively for the campground this year to help you understand how the area is laid out. What's most useful to note is the bathrooms, all of which are marked and labeled, corresponding to what section they are in. When you get to the gorge, FIND the closest one, and remember the name of it, it will make your life so much easier! 

The app is available in the apple and play stores! 


 7. Stay Social! 

We want to see what you're up to! Stay connected and follow us on instagram @sasquatchstyle to see more of the shenanigans of Yohan and Eduardo, and use #Squatchstyle to show us how you're getting ready for the fest.  We'll also be highlighting the style of festival goers all weekend long, and we want to see what you're wearing! 

That's it for now. Peace out homies, we'll SEE YOU AT THE GORGE! 


May 16, 2014


A friendly reminder that are two discount codes end next Wednesday (5/21)!! 

The Vintage Goodies sale allows you to get 30% of ALL merchandise from 2010 or earlier, just by typing OLDIES at checkout. 


And the Thundercloset sale gets you the Nick Offerman Thundercloset shirt for only $15! Just type THUNDER at checkout 


Sasquatch Festival - Nick Offerman from Sasquatch Video on Vimeo.




May 01, 2014

Welcome to the THUNDERCLOSET

Remember when Nick Offerman demonstrated the wonders of the PORT-A-POTTY, aka the THUNDERCLOSET? Well, guess what? We created a SPECIAL T-SHIRT w/MR. OFFERMAN's WITTICISM, and now until Wednesday, May 21st get the super soft THUNDERCLOSET T-shirt for just $15. Type in the code THUNDER at the checkout. Embody the "magic" every time you wear it.

Sasquatch Festival - Nick Offerman from Sasquatch Video on Vimeo.